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Installing packages to ddev VMs

Standard ddev VMs have everything you need for most websites, but sometimes you might need an extra PHP module or command line tool. Ddev has made it easy to add additional packages to the VM.

A better PHP/TYPO3 development environment - Part 2: ddev

In the second part of this series I will discuss ddev. When you have multiple projects, requiring different versions of PHP and different settings, it can be difficult to do it all on a single development environment. Differences in versions and settings between the development and servers can also cause problems. Virtualization using Docker can fix this, but setting up images and maintaining them can be a lot of work. Ddev does this for you.

A better PHP/TYPO3 development environment - Part 1: Zsh

In the first part of this series of articles I will discuss Zsh. As a serious TYPO3 (or any kind of PHP) developer you will spend at least some time on a Linux/Unix/MacOS command line, issuing Composer, git and sass commands, executing TYPO3 CLI scripts, etc. An efficient command line can therefore safe you a lot of typing and time.